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About Us

elderly woman with white hair and her caregiver smiling

Saving Grace Home Care LLC was founded by Shauntell Kelley in the year 2017. It was built for the purpose of providing personal care services to all those in need, whether they be people with disabilities or those who just need assistance.

Shauntell focused her education on classes which could give her extensive knowledge about the healthcare industry. She studied healthcare business management at Bellevue University. Because of her wide knowledge about the healthcare industry, she was able to land various roles in health care.

Driven by her motivation to provide compassionate care for people, after these multiple journeys, she then moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Houston, Texas to start her own business.

Saving Grace Home Care LLC’s top priority is to strive in providing our patients with the best care we can possibly give them. Seeing the smiles on their faces every time we help them live better and easier lives makes all the efforts worth doing.

With us, you can be sure that our care providers are dependable, reliable, and compassionate. Our services are personalized so that we can cater to your specific needs. We will always hear out your requests as soon as possible to better provide the care you wish to receive. Lastly, we offer all these at a cost-effective price because we care about your well-being more than our gain.

What makes us different from other care providers?

The edge we have from other competitors is that we carefully assess our client’s needs. This way, you are assured that the customized services we offer you are solely focused on the improvement of your health and well-being.

We also see to it that our clients are able to talk to the CEO, rather than have them passed on from one representative to another just to make their concerns and comments heard. With us, our clients’ needs come first.

Through our journey of finding ways to provide the best genuine care we can offer to our clients, we have noticed that not all care providers cater to all people whatever their age. To delve away from this stigma, we offer our services not just to the elderly but also to people of all ages who need our help.